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Carson and Lauren outside their austin home.

Carson & Lauren's Eclectic Austin Cottage

A pair of fashion designers craft a stylish home.

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Kate Connors

A modern home in Austin Texas with a grey Floyd sofa.

Carson Monohan in a yellow chair.

A grecian bust on a stack of books.


1. Header image: Carson and Lauren outside their Austin, TX cottage. / 2. The interior of the L-shaped cottage. / 3. The curvy yellow chair adds a sense of whimsy. / 4. A favorite antique bust sits atop the couple's book collection.

Michigan natives Carson Monahan and Lauren Kirby moved south to Austin, Texas about two years ago to launch their menswear label, House of St. Clair. The pair, partners in business and in life, built a brand that distills eclectic influences (grunge, 1940s menswear, skate culture, historical textiles) into clean, modern silhouettes. Their cottage in South Austin is an extension of that sophisticated look. Inside, a soft color palette is the perfect showcase for collected art, pottery, and ephemera. We spoke to Carson about the space, his love of antique busts, and how the couple has made the cottage a home.


Give us an intro!

Hey! My name is Carson Monahan and I am the founder and designer at an independent fashion house, House of St. Clair. I live with my fiance, Lauren, and our dog, Miggy. We spend most of our time between New York and Austin, and this is our lovely cottage in South Austin.
How old is your home? Do you know any of its history?

Originally, the house was built as a sound engineer’s studio, he designed it as an L shape, which creates a cool open-air floor plan that allows the living areas to flow naturally into the bedroom while keeping the two separated.

Did you fall in love with the cottage the first time you saw it?

We did! It is very modest, but it allows us to really highlight the home and our possessions that we’ve collected throughout our years. And having a pool in Austin is a huge plus.

A dining table with framed art and a desk lamp.
The living room of an austin home.
A Hans Wegner chair below an art print.
Incense and artifacts on a table.
Carson and Lauren are the owners of House of St. Clair, a fashion brand.


1. The dining table doubles as a workspace. / 2. The open layout is bright and airy. / 3. The Hans Wegner Round Chair is a favorite vintage score. / 4. Incense is a nightly ritual. / 5. The couple runs their own fashion brand, House of St. Clair.


Were you worried about anything in the space, before living there?

Due to the Austin market, we knew we would be going small in the locations we like. When we first saw it, we were a little concerned with the amount of space, but we quickly realized it has all the right nooks and crannies to help maximize the space.

What room do you use the most? Did it surprise you?

Besides the kitchen (we both love to cook), the living room for sure. I spend tons of time on the sofa, working, reading, making, and watching.

How would you describe your interior style? Has it evolved over the years?

My interior style has definitely evolved over the years. I don’t think I really had a distinct individual style of interior design until my late 20’s and I never stop letting my eye be trained and inspired. I’d say my style is mostly eclectic. I like to balance clean, modern shapes and color with vintage furniture and objects. I also love to collect both contemporary artists and vintage pieces.

A quirky bust on a table full of keepsakes.

The bust was sculpted by Carson's dad.

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