Floyd. What's Behind the Name?

Born from a table leg, named after a family legacy.
Floyd. What's Behind the Name?

Floyd. What's Behind the Name?

03 04 22

When you come from a family of 'Floyds' and steel is in your blood, there's no guessing what your company name will be.

Here's the story of how Floyd became Floyd.

Co-founder Kyle Hoff's family includes three generations of 'Floyds.' His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather worked in steel mills in Youngstown, Ohio, and were named Floyd.


Floyd I (left), overseeing completion of the first cold roll strip at Federal Steel, March 11, 1937.


"When Alex [O'Dell] and I searched for a name, we were in the process of bringing The Leg to life on Kickstarter," recalls Kyle. "The Leg is made of sheet steel, and when you turn it sideways, there’s a distinct shape of the letter F. That was the first point of inspiration for the name."



"We also thought back to the manufacturing heritage of the Great Lakes region. Going back multiple generations, my family worked in the steel industry, manufacturing at steel mills in Youngstown, Ohio. My parents even met in a steel mill! The industry powered the whole city, so it was just part of my upbringing. The idea of naming The Leg, 'The Floyd Leg,' and eventually the company itself, Floyd, came from that legacy."


The Floyd name is fun and isn't intimidating. It signifies that you can be a part of this brand, this design world.


"And this notion drives how we approach our brand overall — how we photograph, how we think about products; they should be approachable. It's not about the piece of furniture you buy. It is about you as a person and the world around you. Hopefully, people can connect to that idea and appreciate the heritage behind our name.”

No exclusivity here. Floyd is welcoming, like a friend. We’re a company that focuses on comfortable furniture, simple design, and long-lasting materials to stick with you through every step of life's journey. And we like to think that’s how most Floyds are as well.


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