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The Floyd Bed Framework

$235 - $295
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Sourcing your own panels.


The strength and stability of your Floyd Bed Framework greatly depend on the size, thickness, weight, and type of panel material. By purchasing the bed framework, you’ll have to source your own panels. The simplest, cost-effective panels are plywood (see video below for more info), however there are plenty of other options to source your panels. When sourcing panels keep in mind that you can also laminate two 0.75” plywood sheets to equal the 1.5” required thickness. We do not recommend using glass or other brittle materials for the panels—please keep these factors in mind when sourcing your panels.

Product Details

  • What You'll Need to Source
    • Twin

      2 panels

    • Queen/Full

      3 panels

    • King/Cal King

      4 panels

  • Recommended Specs
    • Length

      The recommended minimum length is 86" (~218.4 cm) for each panel.

    • Width

      The recommended minimum width is 22" (~55.9 cm) for each panel.

    • Thickness

      The required thickness is 1.5" (~3.8 cm) for each panel. To achieve the required thickness, consider laminating two 0.75" (~1.9 cm) thick plywood together.

  • Materials
    • 01 steel

      Steel Supports

      Cold-rolled and powder coated U.S. steel in either black or white.
    • 03 straps

      Nylon Straps

      The nylon tensioning straps squeeze everything in place and ensure your Floyd Bed is not going anywhere. Go ahead, jump on it. Send us a video while you’re at it!