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The Bed

The Bed that can actually be all things to all people. A modular system that allows you to design exactly what you want, exactly when you want it. Add a headboard and underbed storage now, or later. Or never. Upgrade to a spacious King in a few years. And maybe later, split your King into two Twins for your kiddos. You are the boss of your own home after all!

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Which bed is right for me?

  • The proverbial “Cadillac” of Floyd Beds! The full monty! The whole nine yards! If you like having it all, guess what, you can with the fully loaded bed frame! We think functional features & flexibility are awesome, & we’re guessing you do, too.
  • Some people don’t think it’s a bed frame without a headboard. That’s cool! We’re not here to say who’s right & who’s wrong, but we think you should have the option. So if you’re one of those people, just get the headboard!
  • Live somewhere that’s a few sq feet from claustrophobic (or as some call it, NYC)? We know you probably don’t have much room for storage in your closet, so adding on underbed storage gets you some good looking storage space for books, socks, or your themed costume collection.
  • The Original Floyd Platform Bed. A classic. Like the movie Casablanca. But unlike a movie from the 1940s, your bed can change as it ages. You can always add on a headboard or underbed storage in the future, making it a smart move if you’re wallet conscious.