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The Y-Lamp

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The Y-Lamp is designed for both direct and ambient light to warm up evenings, and during daytime hours, the lamp's poetic sculptural appearance adds an understated thoughtfulness to any room.
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Collaborative design.

Designed by Jamie Wolfond, in close collaboration with Floyd.

Washi paper shade.

An integral part of Japanese culture, Washi paper is handmade using sustainable local fibers.

Soft ambient light.

The bulb gives off a soft, white glow, while the shade further softens the light with a filtering effect.
All In The Details

Product Info

The Y-Lamp is made with all-natural paper made from mulberry trees (Kozo) in Tokushima, Japan, at one of the world’s oldest paper factories. Every detail of the lamp serves a technical function to hold this beautiful material in static tension.

• Equipped with a warm 2700 Kelvin LED bulb, The Y-Lamp creates the perfect ambiance.

• The lighting is a warm glow that’s cozy and easy on the eyes. Perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms.

• The paper of The Y-Lamp is a mixture of Kozo (Japanese Mulberry) and cotton. It’s a strong and resilient surface with beautiful textural depth.


Overall 23” W x 20” D x 65” H

Cord Length 95"

Distance Between Lamp and On/Off Switch 35" 

Weight 4.5 lb.

Package Details

Package 1 7" x 22.5" x 59" and weighs 13 lb.


Washi Paper Shade

The shade is made from fabric-like Washi paper, made in a 7th generation family-owned factory in Japan. Washi is created with significantly less harm to the environment than wood-based papers. And it’s beautiful, too.

Powder Coated Steel

The lamp frame is made from powder coated steel for longevity.

Wood Dowel Connector

The wood dowel is made from Ash wood.

Wire Support

The shade's wire support is made from powder coated wire.

2700 Kelvin LED Bulb

This energy-efficient LED bulb is 2700K for extra warm light.

4W Wattage

UL Certified

Meets UL certification standards.


What bulb does The Y Lamp use?

The Y Lamp uses a G9 LED bulb, 4W 2700K.  We include your first lightbulb in the packaging.


How do you turn The Y Lamp on and off?

There is a switch to turn The Y Lamp on and off on the power cord.

Will the Washi Paper shade crease or rip?

Because of the natural qualities of this paper, the material can crease — please use extra caution when handling and assembling your lamp.

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The Y-Lamp
A design process that began early on with a special paper from Tokushima, Japan.

The factory where the paper is made has been owned by the same family for seven generations. Their focus today is on research and development in an ongoing effort to integrate washi, a traditional style of Japanese paper utilizing local fibers, into contemporary life. The paper of The Y-Lamp is a mixture of Kozo (Japanese Mulberry) and cotton. It’s a strong and resilient surface with beautiful textural depth.

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