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Chaise Add-On

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The best seat in the house. The Chaise Add-On extends The Sofa seat into a comfy spot for lounging. It's also super adaptable to your space with the ability to rearrange to either side of The Sofa at the drop of a hat.
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Stretch out.

For napping, Netflix bingeing, and just chilling, The Chaise Add-On adds an additional seating and more space for lounging.

Switch it up.

No need to commit to particular set-up now. Add The Chaise Add-On to The Sofa now, and switch from side-to-side at anytime for ultimate flexibility.
All In The Details

Product Info

What goes best with the most take-apart-able sofa around? Try adding on a big, comfy cushion upholstered in our durable, stain-resistant fabric. Built to stand up to kids & pets with ease, and eliminate tricky moves up stairs and through narrow doorways with its simple assembly and disassembly.

• The Chaise Add-On can be added to either the right or left side of your Sofa. 

• Made with stain-resistant durable fabric. 


Overall 27” W x 30” D x 22” H  

Clearance ~7.25" H  

Visit The Sofa here for the new overall dimensions once you add the chaise. 

Package Details  

Package 1 Cushion (C5): 59” x 27” x 7” and weighs 21 lb.  

Package 2 Chaise Panel: 30” x 28” x 3” and weighs 33 lb. 

Package 3 Chaise Legs: 20” x 11” x 6” and weighs 14 lb.


Powder Coated Steel

11-gauge bent sheet steel, matte-coated for longevity.


Stain Resistant Fabric

95% polyester and 5% nylon

Coated with short chain fluorocarbon-based treatment for stain resistance.

Double-Layered Cushions

Dense double-layer foam cushions for durability and comfort.


The Sofa cushions aren’t attached — will they slide out from under me?

No, the Sofa cushions won’t slide, even as you move around! The design of the frame holds the cushions in place with the help of friction between the base and the cushions themselves.

Can I remove the covers and machine wash them?

No, any spot cleaning of the fabric should be done with the covers on. Cushion covers should not be removed. Machine washing the cushion covers will damage the stain-resistance treatment applied to the fabric. For deeper cleans of your Sofa, professional cleaning is recommended.

Can The Sofa stand up to my pets?

Yes, we designed the Sofa with four-legged friends in mind! We selected our fabric for its tight weave (more difficult for cats to claw) and stain/smell resistance. While the fabric is treated to be stain-resistant, it is not stain proof — please be sure to follow our care instructions to best tackle any pet mishaps as soon as possible.

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Chaise Add-On
When you're ready for more.

Like The Sofa, The Chaise Add-On was designed to be easily take-apartable - easy to assemble and disassemble on a whim. It's the perfect addition to your set-up when you're looking for ways to add seating to your space. With durable, stain-resistant fabric, the Chaise Add-On is built to last. 

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