Why we’re raising the prices on the Floyd Bed Frame.


Since launching Floyd in 2013, our mission has been to change the way people consume furniture. Why? Because we care about the home & we're tired of seeing cheap furniture piled up on the side of the street. So we set out to design and build better products for how people live today.

As a company focused on sustainability and taking the longevity of our products seriously, it’s important not only that our products are designed to be timeless, but that our furniture is made from lasting materials. This is why we've never wavered on offering our bed frame in real birch plywood. There are cheaper alternatives to real wood out there, such as printed veneer on particle board — however these cheaper materials are not environmentally-friendly & the wear on the product shows itself after a short use. All of our wood is sustainably forested and CARB-2 environmentally certified, meaning our products are safe for use in the home.

Over the last two years, we've absorbed two price increases on the cost to manufacture our birch bed panels –– 4% in early 2017 and 6% more recently –– due to tariffs on raw materials and general price inflation. On July 16, we'll be raising the price on the bed frame an average of 8%. Until July 16, prices will remain the same. The new pricing for each bed frame variant can be found at the end of this note. This price increase will only be reflected on the bed frame — prices for all other Floyd products will remain the same.

Bottom line: we're doing everything we can to offer you great products at a fair price by designing in house & selling direct to you. We’re going to keep innovating and continue to deliver timeless products that mirror our values as a company, while remaining committed to a high level of quality and exceptional service. That means free shipping, same-day delivery in select cities, 60-day returns & a 10-year warranty.

We're just getting started at Floyd as we continue on our mission to change the way people consume furniture. Next up is the Floyd Sofa & the Floyd Shelf later in 2018. Also, keep an eye out for more on our R&D process this month.

Thank you for your support and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

-Kyle & Alex
Founders of Floyd

New Bed Pricing starting July 16th, 2018

  • Twin: $495
  • Queen: $650
  • Queen + Headboard: $895
  • King: $850
  • King + Headboard: $1150
  • Headboard: $250-$350