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How we designed
The Floyd Sofa

The timeless design of the Floyd Sofa was two years in the making. It’s the result of hundreds of hours of ideation and prototyping from our studio in Detroit. The birch base is manufactured by a third-generation furniture factory in the US. The cushions are engineered to stay in place & provide the perfect support while you sink into their comfiness. Intentionally designed to be take-apartable, and live with you for years to come.

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It’s take-apart-able! A sofa designed to assemble & disassemble beautifully. Ships
free to your doorstep. See more in the R&D Lab
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The New Modern

It’s modern in that it’s designed based on feedback from people on how they actually want to use a sofa. In short, we Floyd’ed it. It’s a sofa that actually feels good to hang in, doesn’t weigh down the room, and doesn’t make you sacrifice design to fit your wallet.

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87% of you eat on your sofa & 62% live with a furry friend. This called for super durable fabrics that are free of toxic chemicals and extremely easy to clean. Your sofa will see a lot of spills over the years, but you won’t feel an ounce of anxiety.

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Tested to Last

When we started to rethink the sofa, we wanted to make sure it would last for decades. The Floyd Sofa went through some of the strictest testing in the industry & passed with flying colors!

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And tested again!

Yes, you can pull 32 times on the back of your Floyd sofa with 225 lbs of force every single day for the next ten years and it will be just fine. We take furniture for keeping seriously!