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Floyd | Sonos One Speaker


Floyd | Sonos One Speaker


Our mission is to keep furniture out of landfills, so we design timeless products with longevity in mind.

For The Shelving System, this of course meant quality materials and durable construction, but it also meant designing a system that can remain flexible over your lifetime.

Thoughtful Design. Quality Materials.

Reel woord supports.

Birch plywood supports are faced with a beautiful ash wood finish, offering an eye-catching contrast to steel shelves. The proprietary support design features a hidden track that makes adjusting and adding on to your shelving system incredibly easy. No pegs, screws or tools.

Durable steel shelves

Made with US cold-rolled, powder coated steel, the shelves were designed for durability & can support up to 65 lbs each! The top and bottom shelves are fixed, while the remaining shelves can be moved up or down (with a simple hook mechanism) to accommodate even your tallest books.

Goes with anywhere

Featured in.

Designing The Shelving System.

Often made of composite wood and cheap connection mechanisms, the majority of bookshelves on the marketing end up in landfills after a move or two. Designing The Shelving System required us to think differently about how bookshelves come together. Our requirements: modular, durable, take-apart-able.

Top – The Three Seater with Chaise
Sofa in Saffron / Bottom Left
The Three Seater with Chaise.

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