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Dear Floyd...

Welcome to the very first edition of Dear Floyd! Every month, Floyd will be answering your questions about life, home, and all the complicated stuff in between. Have you always felt confused about mid-mod and post mod? Floyd has the answer. Wondering what makes furniture actually pet-proof? Floyd can help you out. Ready to finally end the family dispute over wall-to-wall carpeting? Floyd can help. Send your pressing questions to, and check back every month to see whether you made it into the latest Dear Floyd. For Floyd’s first advice-column spin, he’s saving one lucky reader’s relationship. Read on for the best home advice in the game.

Q: Dear Floyd— My boyfriend loves the color brown. Everything he owns is a shade of brown. Couch, rug, duvet cover, wooden furniture...all BROWN!! How can I help him understand the error of his ways and get him to stop living in a brown cave?

This is a real predicament. Brown is nice! Brown is the color of wood, a satisfyingly crunchy piece of toast, a rich ten-dollar chocolate bar. But I digress. What brown is NOT is a color that should be used uninterrupted on everything you own.

That is not to say there isn’t hope! I believe that every misguided DIY designer can be gently nudged toward better choices. This will take some significant effort on your part, though, so be prepared. Let’s begin.

First, try to be honest. It’s not good to let yourself harbor resentments. Be kind, but start seeding the idea that all monochrome all the time is sort of a weird and unpleasant aesthetic choice. You might voice the feeling you mentioned of visiting a large, hibernating bear in his large, brown cave. That’s absolutely a strange vibe and he is probably not looking to create that psychological response in his romantic partner. Another tack is the argument that color theory itself proves that contrasting colors look good together.

Second, give him the gift of things that are not brown! Pick your battles here (the furniture can probably stay, for example), but begin by switching out the easy things. Perhaps you could gift him with a new duvet cover. A few throw pillows could easily cover a significant chunk of that big brown couch. Introduce other color options into the space with art and accessories! Remember to acknowledge your partner’s comfort zone, though. Patterns that incorporate a very small amount of his chosen hue are a good way of edging him into the world of other colors.

With a little legwork on your part, the brown cave will soon be a much more pleasant place to spend your time! In the meantime, maybe just stress how much you love the outdoors. It’s almost spring, the time for hibernation is over.